The closer you look, the less you see

Here I am: the mess up.
I feel like saying – don’t read, don’t look – and then again – even with the fact that I can be online right now; but will lose this possibility soon again – the words in my mind and my voice have dissapeared – somewhere there is a lot to say; but there are no words coming out of me.

you could

Read my book – blank pages
Hear my song – no vocals; no instruments – silence:
See my movie – the screen full of snow

I try not the be lost – but the world is a complicated place:

and after all
if maps do not exist – how can you be lost?
(I can)



i lost

my ability

to write,


Survival to get on Internet

It’s a bit quiet and I feel like I have a lot to write, but I have a lack of computer AND internet. It’s a survival to find them since I moved away and was on the road and on my new temporary place there is none of both.

I hope to get back soon, just wanted to leave a short note.

Doing difficult things at the moment (they are difficult for me) but I guess I manage somehow. I’m sorry for not reading and responding to other blogs, I hope to be able to do that soon again.

Take care all, and hope to get back in blog world asap.