About sharktoothsweater


The name sharktoothsweater

Has actually nothing to do with a real sharktooth. A sharktooth belongs to a shark in the sea. Just like that, nothing less, nothing more. The sharktoothsweater is my favorite hooded sweater. Nothing special; just a black hooded sweater with two white stripes over the arms. Black and white, White and black. Once, on a rainy November day,  I accidentally cut a hole in the sweater and now it’s fixed with a sharktooth shaped stitch.

The person behind sharktoothsweater

When it comes about writing about myself I guess there follows a long silence.  What should I write about me? For me it feels like there’s not so much to say actually because I’m kind of empty. And I do not know if I really know who I am.

I suppose I could tell you my shoesize, the color of my hair or my eyes, about my height but none of those things really matter do they? Nor does my age, my sex, my nationality, the place where I live. At least, they do not matter in my world. I hope they don’t matter too much in yours either. Because all of this, what comes out here, is the real me I guess. My soul, or something like that.

Sometimes the ground beneath your feet falls away, and no matter in which continent of the world you walk, there is no place that feels or seems like home. Sometimes I read – ” home is where the heart is”, but what if there is no home, and no heart?

Being caught up / grew up in a space between different cultures, nationalities, and so much more….when it comes to things about this, I can never find the right words to describe. So, it might change again and again and again and again. To me, it’s all complicated and contradictory. I guess that is kind of my life….

Trying to find a purpose, trying to deal with life….Trying to find a way, to survive.



10 thoughts on “About sharktoothsweater

  1. Again and again. It’s this fucked up circle of repetition, that keeps us imprisoned. Shits never gonna change is no good attitude, but I know where you come from. I would have liked to know a little bit more about you. But I think you said enough. I like the balloons.

  2. Wow, the introduction is unique I may say…A mystery you remain…It great to meet you the same, but I didn’t catch your name, sharktoothsweater it is I guess, I mean you write poetry, so I guess I can dig, and have your thoughts evolve, on pages in ink, electronic. I like this place that I have been, visited, your blog. I bid you a kudos for being you, and being cool.

    – Jixi

    🙂 🙂

    • Thanks hehe…you almost make me shy :$. Well I didn’t mention my name anywhere (yet), for now it is just sharktoothsweater 😉 I’d rather stay a bit anonymous at this point. The poetry is only published on here / under this alter ego. It’s not so good or/and I’m not too comfortable with people knowing me in real life seeing this stuff I guess… at least not now. Thanks again 🙂 You just made a smile on my face. You seem pretty awesome yourself to me, so I will follow your blog with interest 🙂

      • Thank you so much….I definitely understand. I was once just like you, but I learned and accepted it. I can’t wait for you to have more fun with it and let go. There are so many other cool bloggers out there, it’s amazing to connect and read others works. Even if it’s just a like and smiley face, it’s helps keep the person going and bring a smile to the face. That’s what my blog is mostly about is to bring people smiles, for in life we don’t get to smile so often. I am going to follow you as well. I want to see great things from you. So enjoy and hope to see more. 🙂

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  4. Thank you so much for liking my post, ‘The Task’. Your feelings are familiar to me because I have had them. I have PD and with it comes the whole range of emotions. And as others have said, blogging is a great way to connect with others and make sense of this world that you realize there isn’t any sense in… so we write. I’m going to read your post and I will be back.

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