The Tangerine (and how it ended)

Sometimes I do silly things. Sometimes I store silly things.
Things I can not explain why I do. It just happens.

The Tangerine Story

Once, when I used to travel far for a job, I used to take fruits sometimes with me in my backpack. In December 2012 I took a tangerine, which I forgot all about. Nowadays I still have it, and it’s going for it’s 1-year oops-I forgot-to-eat-it celebration.

This is how it looked like after 5 weeks:

tangerine fresh

Six months later:

Ten months later:


1 year-oops-I-forgot-to-eat-it-celebration of Tangerine:

tangarine2 tangarine

Now it’s Februari 2015, and I still have the tangerine. This is how it looks like now:

160120154982 160120154978

Unfortunately, the Tangerine dissapeared around August in 2016. I highly suspect a family member, who must have found it and thought ‘What the heck’ and threw it away.

Still, I am surprised that the tangerine was there for such a long time without mold or being smelly. But the tangerine ended, and so does this story.

2 thoughts on “The Tangerine (and how it ended)

  1. hm. it is kind of awkward that you kept it for so long. but i must admit i did things like that in the past. last summer, i bought fig cake in dubrovnik and brought it back to berlin. so just in case i missed summer and the sea and you know, i could unwrap the cake and eat it and feel good. i still have the cake, but you know fig cake lasts really long, so it doesn’t look like your tangerine nor is has it gone bad ๐Ÿ˜‰ thank you for stopping by and following my blog – thanks for really having a look at different posts, i appreciate it. i hope you can find something inside that you can relate to.

    • hehe cool, now I feel l should pick up a fig cake perhaps ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well its easy; I really enjoy your blog and pictures and videos: I love the atmosphere around it; Im in the Balkans myself and I like it here a lot. So many stories and interesting things to see, do and see ๐Ÿ™‚

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