Sorrow without tears

a tree without its leaf-
a rose without its grief-
needless to say
it’s like the grass without the rain
it’s the night without the day

the glass without water,
the paper without  pencil

it’s as you stare at the clock
but no matter what, it isn’t moving

and still time goes by.




The words that kept stuck in my brain

From: The Domesticated Brain by Bruce Hood.

Feelings and emotions are two sides of the same coin. Emotions are short-lived, outward responses to an event that everyone around can read, like a sudden burst of anger or fit of laughing, but feelings are the internal lingering experiences that are not always for public consumption. We can have feelings without expressing them as emotions. They are part of our internal mental life. Without feelings, we would not be motivated to do the things we do. Feelings we get from others are some of the strongest motivation that we can have. Without feelings, there would be no point getting out of bed in the morning. Even pure logic needs feelings. When se solve a puzzle, it is not enough to know the answer. You have to feel good about it too. Why else would we bother?

When words fail

sometimes you can not find words – sometimes you can not think of anything

that could say anything or show even a very small part – of what you want to say or express or show or tell

but sometimes , unexpected, you find some things

made by someone – that describe or show perfectly

a part of – what you – wish to say

but you will never know

if that person meant the same – or if it is even similar

but sometimes that does not matter I guess,

expression, in whatever which way, can be multifunctional, which I like and,

which is troubling, and which is good. Contradictions again.

But does it matter? No.