When the storm starts


The windows are closed

behind them, I sit and listen.

The stories that blow through my head, through my ears,

there is nothing left do to but sit and see and hear,

Like the sea, like waves that come and dissapear

Sometimes rain interrrupts this dream

and drops make their own song in this melody

Darkness settles in, I’ve switch off all the lights

leave on a candle, that dances shadows on the wall

the storm is here,

The storm is here.


Life that’s hardly visible


It’s winter, and snow and cold are there

walking through the fields of nothing

where signs of life seem rare,

though if you look closer

on places where you don’t expect,

little surprises are waiting

and today, I found these little creatures

dancing on the ice.

( Do you see them? There are little green-ish little dots next to the plant- with the large image you can see them better)