Maybe I was wrong


Here I am.

Breadcrumbs on the concrete,

and it’s raining.  But not from the sky.

There are several ways to go from here,

though I don’t know which one to take and why.

Maybe I was wrong,

Maybe I could have known, or maybe not.


All I know is that I’m sitting here,

with breadcrumbs on the concrete,

and rain that

does not fall

from the sky.





Harmless assassin

Have you ever met

the emptiness that’s just behind the corner

or on the wall?

where the emtpy plates and unwashed spoons leave

their sorrow in the light


a lightswitch is lying meaningless on the floor

the dust appeared not only in the corners but came along

its way and even on the stairs


and then, this spider walking in this

big world where

nothing can be seen.

And all you can do is ask yourself;

Is this true?

So soon, a relapse.

5 days. It’s 5 days ago exactly I have returned to my past life. Just 5. It looks like 5 years.I know pretty sure that I don’t want to be here, or not stay here. But i don’t know where my place is. I don’t know what to do when you have nothing. Why would things work out in other countries when i can not even make it in the country where I was born?

For a couple of days I was okay, but now, right now, I’m not fine. This intense loneliness is coming back and the frustrations. The endless days. Ticking of the clock. Seconds looking minutes, minutes looking hours, hours looking days and so on.
Why am I here? (because I have nowhere else to go). Brave reason, brave reason.
There is something else that is connected to this what I want to avoid: depression, anxiety, the usual crap. I don’t want to slip away so badly again. It takes so much energy and it is so hard to get out of it, and before you know you have lost five years.

I wish I had money. Then i would just buy a small house abroad, and move. I don’t need a lot, all I want is just food, a bit travelling, and live somewhere. I will grow my own stuff as far as I can, and I want to have a few people around. Is that too much too ask? I don’t want to go on cruise holidays, I don’t need 5 star hotels, I don’t need to go to the most expensive places in the world. I don’t need gucci or prada or gold or whatever kind of expensive clothes or jewelry or whatever. I don’t need a superfancy deluxe car, I don’t need to go to the hairdresser 2 times a week. All I want, is a place where I can be. Where I’m welcome. Where I’m allowed. Where i can do. Where people don’t judge. Where I am connected.

I miss. so much.
I’m sad. so much.
Just now. I hope just now.