Waves of sorrow


Left, right, left, right

Backward, forward, backward, forward.

Where the sky

is the limit

and isn’t the limit

after all –


Falling Feathers

In the sky
sometimes high,
sometimes low
they are flying
racing the sun
closing eyes for the moon

The branch on the third tree
in the forest on the slope
shows the traces
and feathers fall down
it hasn’t snowed
not yet.

My world is somewhere else

Once, long ago,

there were little sometimes, when I used to dream

Lying down on my back in the grass

Seeing clouds dance in the sky

A pleasant sun in the corner

The wind gently blowing

but it was all

so short-


If I would lie down in the grass

There is no more lying down on the back

And no more staring at the sky –

The grass is full of warning signs

clouds are threatening with rain

the sun requires protection

and being on the lookout is main


This is not my place,

not anymore

I have to find another one

One where dreams are allowed and

just being yourself

and being happy

can be done.

The park


Just a park in this

other place

lying down on the grass and staring

into the sky to outer space

though you can not see

it is somewhere there

i guess


and I don’t really

want to leave

but just dissapear in to

the clouds and

watch down from the sky

and maybe find some answers

especially on why.

Under the Sarajevo stars


under the Sarajevo moon

and under the Sarajevo sky

sitting on the remains of a fortress

stars shining above me bright


Life is drifting in pieces

and the sorrow of my soul stops for a little moment

when the lightened veins of this city

capture the attention of my mind

my heart stops being a heart for a moment

I wish I could recall that moment