Diamond skies

While driving on the freeway, I dreamed away – still noticing and watching the traffic of course, but  sometimes, when I drive, I feel completely free and happy. Moving in this weird world, but moving, and no one can stop me. No one will question me, since I am moving. The sounds, the temperature, the views, it all can be so peaceful, in some ways.

While driving on an almost empty expressway, listening to music, looking at the trees that surround the road.  Suddenly I noticed how beautiful the sky was – the sun, surrounded by all these clouds, with such beautiful light – the sun had a private sky, blinking in this cloud field.

This was an image, I wish I could have captured. But it’s captured in my head. Probably I will forget exactly how it felt, how it looked, like with most of the things – even if you want to remember them so real and badly, they fade away with time.

I took an exit, and smiled. Pleasant images in my head. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I thanked the sun, and smiled again, just for you.