The antidote

IMG_9240Once and maybe not even long ago
Not visible by day
At night only by who knows

They used to keep their heads up high
They used to fight the war that challenged them
They used to sell the truth for a lie.

Telling themselves that it was something to manage
Telling themselves that this was temporary
Not ignoring, but trying to calm the damage.

Roots filled with water
Outside of the shadow in the sun
but poison stays poison
where battle turned in to just begun

sometimes it does not really matter
if an end is a start
or a start an end

it’s where the unknown and the known
where meaning and the emptiness
are meant to blend







There is the fence, and there is me.


Can you see it? It’s very clear.
Left there’s the fence, and on the right there’s me.
The fence is shorter than me. But still, this fence is too high.

It’s a non existing fence, , because it only exists in the shadow.
But still I’m not able to cross it.

Living in the shadow


There are always people who do not live within the world

You can only find them in the outskirts

though not the usual ones; you have to look through, not closer.

You will always find stories about them in books,

but those that no one picks up, and those that never will reach the library.

There are movies, but they are all a scene; they don’t really know how it feels.

It’s not even so easy to explain how it exactly is, to live in the shadow.

Visible, but unreachable, even if you think you made the connection, that’s just a sad none-truth.

I can’t explain, because I seem to be one of them.


You will never know of my existence

The famous, they are everywhere.

Aware of the shadows but, there is this light

Beautiful, though there is this other side.

But it is present.

Is it that important to know, or not to know?


Their existence will not be unseen – unlike mine

So less people will ever know me

or even know that

I exist

You will not know me, you assume that

I exist,

but it’s all hollow, and numb and empty

My words, my soul, like me.


Will always live in the twilight of the shadows.

But honestly, I don’t know if it matters

maybe it doesn’t after all.

The invisible dance (or is it a fight?)

it ends where it begins,

could I take you

In this impossible journey

Just to show you 

what it’s like

not that it would be wise though,

anyway, I guess it would be to much too ask

deep inside

I know that

the best thing to do is

remain friends

with my 

own shadow