Thoughts about food, Forks over Knives and seaweed burgers

 A while ago, I came across some articles and documentaries related to food; The China Study, the documentary Forks over Knives and Seaweed burgers
It’s crazy to realize and think about how much crap there is added in food, how much there is messed with food, one of our basic needs.
It’s not so common anymore to find healthy food in the nearby grocery store, since there are added all kinds of chemicals, additives and I don’t know what else more. It;s crazy what happens with food – I don’t know everything (and I probably don’t want to), but I know that food is not just ‘food’ anymore. Watermelons injected with water to make them heavier and sell them for a higher price, meat injected with water for the same reason, the whole proces of food has turned in , well, I think, not so good ways.
We can’t trust what is written on the packages because companies seem to be able to hide things or write “healthy’ on it while its not so healthy at all. And it’s even more crazy that governments allow this. Food, is one of our basic needs, and a lot of food around us seems to be full of crap.
I know too less about all details to know what exactly is good and not, but I surely believe there is too much bad food around. As well how to realize how some factories where they produce meat work, it just makes me sick. And it’s crazy we have to do a research like hell about everything (about food, but also about other things) just because people seem to not care about what’s best for everyone, but about their own profits and how to make the most of it even if that means producing things that have bad effects on others or make them like a slave (for example a part of the clothing industry).  All of these things going on in the world, bother me. They arise so many questions. What are we doing? Is it so weird some people don’t trust anyone? Not really, I think.
Someday, I hope to be able to grow my own food. To live in an environment where I can trust. To live in a place where quality and health and peace and life are more worth and comon than making profits and adding additives and chemicals and such.