Leftover chocolate

A bitter taste, because it’s dark

I find the leftovers of your


You’re not here anymore

this house is empty, I am empty.

I come home from work,

but you’re not there.

I ask myself

What’s the point of being and existing

without love?

Soon, with every minute,

the distance between us will become larger and larger,

and we’re far away again.

Just a couple of hours you were here right next to me

And now all I find are

little traces of you

Crumbles and your scent,

and leftover chocolate.

I don’t like the chocolate,

but I eat it.

Just because…..

I don’t even know why.



Off route

capture this fragile image;

the movement on the streets,

which consists of leaves taken by the autumn wind,

movement in the air, caused by the autumn rain.

The street on the left,

and not the dead end road,

asks for forgiveness.

While darkness settled in

and just a few

of the streetlights work – hasn’t been forgotten though.

a lonely hedgehog searches for

some leftovers

hunger – for whatever,

is everywhere.