Where the eye can’t see, the head can’t look.


A perfect silence drawing the sky
Flashes and lightning where darkness can’t be shy
Wilderness hidden in the depths of the woods
For every leaf that’s taken
and every forgotten moods
It’s just out of the fields, where deers come at night
Where the rabbits hear thunder
That is where it might.


Closer to the pain


An alarm clock, and it’s dark outside.

I hear the wind, and the rain.

A brand new day, a brand new day of misery.

eating breakfast like everything is allright

a shower and the trip to work.

Fake smiles,

pretending everything is okay

but inside stings

reveal the pain.

and trying to hang on so hard

but the pressure is enormous

and every day, again and again

a brand new day starts.

A brand new day.



Movements, you won’t notice

speeches with hidden words

sounds your ears can not detect but

that doesn’t mean they are not there.

keep your eyes open, always stay on watch

never shut your ears off from the outside,

keep focus in a broad perspective


because there is no bread in the bank,

there is no food in space,

there is no nature in artificial settings,

there is no peace in a war.


Books once written but

now they are nowhere to be found,

you can not find them in the library

not even if you ask out loud.


Do not trust what they tell you,

Always reflect and think yourself

Never surrender to something you can’t stand for

And go to sleep, when it’s becoming twelve.


What you see and what you can’t see

When the sun dies inside a heart

and the sky is upside down

in the black side of space,

but where grass meets the soil

and where sea corals hide in rocks,

There are answers.

Though I can’t promise, they are satisfying

Anyway, where dark fishes sleep, there is movement on the bottom of the sea.