When the sun goes down


or maybe just once,
all the colors of the world dissapear,
and you sink in to the deep
where there is no light

You sit on the bottom of the cave
and can’t fall deeper,
but can’t climb – you’re completely stuck

I don’t know what is worse,
but all I know is
that even if you’re on the bottom of the cave

and when the sun goes down
it does come up again
even if you can not bear the light.


Even zero makes hundred percent


1 + 1 = 100

1 + 17 = 100

-20 + 8 = 100


0 = 100

Today everything is 100. Zero is 100. Everything is all.

But everything is zero. 100 is zero. Everything is zero.

I need my new friends. I definitely need my new friends.

I don’t want to be in this reality. I need to be numb. Very numb.

Numb is hundred, Numb is zero.

Numb is everything. A nightmare, inside my head.

It is just a nightmare, inside my head.

Just a nightmare.