unrevealed mysteries

blackness of the ink

soaking the paper

characters melting into a sea

words dissapear

in to this unreadable story

there is no need to erase,

there are more ways.


Almost surreal


on the roof

this almost surreal view on this place

down this theatre of life playing

a screen full of lifeless life

and soundless sounds in the highest cave

although it can not replace

and to find, to keep, to return

just don’t erase-


Driving on a freeway, radio switched on, a blank mind, no, I never think about you.

Running on the treadmill, and running and running, but my mind never visits thoughts about you.

If I turn on my computer, and all these pictures, drawings, writings and pieces appear, but I never recall thoughts that lead to you.

A song playing on the radio. Partial perfect lyrics. Can not and should not make me think of you. It doesn’t. It doesn’t.


I’m trying to deal. I’m trying to forget.

Wishing I could erase my feelings. Wishing I could erase my memory.

How could I be so stupid? How could I ever believe? How could I ever let this happen? How could I ever think that….

Pressing reset. And again. And again. And again.

just nothing happened.