Drop by drop,

Water is crawling out of the tap.

drop, drop. Then Silence.

Resistance, and another breath,

but they can’t fight

these feelings.



The phonesdestroyer


Let’s face it: I’m a phone destroyer. My phones are just simple ones; suitable for calling and texting, and recently the most fancy things about my phones is the photocamera.

Now it sounds like I have a lot of phones, since I speak in plural, but I have just one working phone (and it’s not even working well).  The rest of my phones are non working phones.  Because I dropped them. Not once, not twice, no, probably over fifty times. Because somehow, and this has always been this way as long as I can remember, I can not use these things with care. Sometimes I wonder if it’s because I’m clumsy, or that it’s something else, but I haven’t figured out what it is. Anyway, with phones, I can’t have a normal relationship.


I have had phones in the past that satisfied me, because they were decent and survived at least 20 crashes down. But, there always comes a certain point, that they don’t survive the crash.

Sometimes these crashs come unexpected, sometimes I see them coming, but mostly it’s already too late by then….the freefall has already started. The most stupid thing that happened the last time, is that when I dropped the phone, I immediatly stepped on it with my full weight. Oops.


Some time ago, before I went abroad, I thought it would be a good idea to get a smartphone,  which would be able to use WIFI and so I could check my email when I would be on the road. This was my biggest mistake ever. Needless to say, this happened, within 3 weeks:


Boom. It was broken. (Well, the smart part so far: I can still use it for WIFI. The only not so handy thing is that I can not call with it anymore, since some parts seem to be broken that are necessary to make phonecalls. )

Even now,  I have a half working phone. Needless to say, I dropped it many times. It still functions, but just with its own life and behaviour. I think I really need a shockproofphone. A very very very SHOCKproof phone. Or maybe I should put my phone in a tennis ball.