When the storm starts


The windows are closed

behind them, I sit and listen.

The stories that blow through my head, through my ears,

there is nothing left do to but sit and see and hear,

Like the sea, like waves that come and dissapear

Sometimes rain interrrupts this dream

and drops make their own song in this melody

Darkness settles in, I’ve switch off all the lights

leave on a candle, that dances shadows on the wall

the storm is here,

The storm is here.

What I can’t understand


A gone, that is forever,

it’s dark as no sky has ever been,

more wet than any raindrop ever fell and

darker dan any darkness I have seen

No more movements, you just keep still

While you are still here and

you’re gone at the same time

but what is time – if there is no movement?

Clearly I remember the time we last saw

each other

And I knew, I knew.

I know where you are, but you are not there anymore


I can not

grasp it

I just



The way to freedom


Hard work and no mercy,

inflating with air, inflating inflating.

and finally enough to rise

so you take off,

on the way to freedom,

the way to be yourself,

to be free, to search for peace of mind.


But reality learns the hardest lessons, there is no mercy

sometimes your preparations aren’t enough,

no matter how hard you work, or how hard you try.

The possibility of getting captured,

and unanswered questions of why –

where dark clouds can come over, the wind changes direction without a warning sign

there is always something you can not control.


so sometimes that means that

sometimes you might get stuck

and you might have to change your plan

sometimes you might have to wait

or might have to figure out

how to get out of the maze

even if it’s not a maze

that trapped you.


Unexpected love


It’s crazy how things sometimes go –

things you stopped believing in

can become truth before you know.

A dark and empty heart, notices a little light in the distance,

coming closer, slowly sparkles of light

touching it

in this world of completely lost.


One dark heart,

has sensed some light

And gathered again some power,

to choose, for the fight.

The danger is where it shouldn’t be


Look closer, and tell me, what can you see?

Is it real, is it sure, what it could be?

Moving, keep on moving, not only through the streets in the dark,

and make no sound, make no sound, and find your way across the car park.

Crawling, keep crawling, even if you can not make it, through the daylight.

make no sound, no one will listen

and there is no help when you get in to a fight,

everything is forbidden

everything is far away

you entered this other world

and now you have to, find your way.



it’s dark outside

the moon is the only one around

the only visible thing

because the stars are hidden in the clouds

the world seems asleep

but I’m wide awake

though I shouldn’t be.


Outside the sun starts the day

birds come alive

the world starts to move and finds a way

except for me

because it’s dark inside.


My system is broken,

now I’m covered in the clouds.