Waiting at a stop where nothing comes.


Waiting. Waiting at a stop, but a stop for what? Nothing is coming. No train. No bus. No subway. Nothing. Grass is growing, because nobody ever walks here. Empty trash bin. Forgotten stop. Nothing ever happens. This is the world of stuck. The world of emptiness. The world of apathy. I want to move. I want to change. And all I do is wait at a stop where nothing ever comes. I need to move myself. Why can’t I move myself? Why do the days pass by and nothing happens? Why can’t I get myself to change. Why don’t I dare to act? Is it about dare? Why do I don’t act? I want a better life. Yet, I don’t do anything. I wait. I look into a future, but I don’t act for getting closer. et cetera. et cetera. et cetera.


A where-oh-where person

Couch potato has been gone for a while. Well, it actually never really went, but I haven’t drew for a long time.  And how surprising, nothing much has changed.

where o where


Where oh where……..are my…….

keyss  keys…?

phonee is my phone…?

charger is my charger…?

shirt is my sweatshirt?

Yup. I was a where o where – person, and I still am.