There is something that really surpised me before and now it surprises me again: the chance is big that that includes you: the readers / followers of my blog.

Honestly? I did not really expect that people would actually read my blog, and I expected even less that people would actually follow this blog. But now, there seem to be over 100 (!) followers? Woah, what, really?

Somehow often I feel that I fall short in interactions with other people and sometimes I don’t know how to reply or what to say exactly and I don’t want to say the wrong things.

But I wanted to let you know that I really appreciate it that there are people out there who seem to read or follow what I write.That I am thankful for your likes and comments on my posts. It is something I value, and to me it is important that you know.

Another thing about it, the whole thing arises some questions ; who are you people? Why are you following my blog? (This sounds a bit weird now I read it, I am not sure how to express it properly, I don’t like the expression too much since it sounds a bit ‘not nice’ – but its not meant that way! I just honestly wonder what it makes that you follow this blog).

Not sure why I wonder about those things, maybe it is the same answer why I follow other blogs. Some people write really nice, and I enjoy reading them. Some people write things I can relate to, and somehow that is nice reading. From others I learn things, how they deal with things, or something that is completely different from my world. And others I enjoy seeing their pictures, artwork, poetry, et cetera. And sometimes, I can not really explain why I follow someone, but there is something that caught my attention in a kind of way.

Well, enough about that, the purpose of this post, was to thank you, so:

Thank you all!