Away with the stuff

One of the things that became very clear to me in the time I’ve been living abroad and have been on the road, is that I have too much stuff. Somehow I grew up with the idea in the back of my head: store everything, you never know when you will need it, and this will prepare you for situations and blah blah blah. Like having a full equipment for a desert while you’re living on the arctic, or an arctic equipment while you’re living in a desert.

Maybe that attitude or behaviour also comes from the thing that my family/ancestors, are kind of ‘poor’ people; they used and stored everything. For example, they used to store newspapers, so in winter, they filled up their boots with the newspapers as isolation material to keep themselves warm. They washed plastic bags (also the small ones) to use them again and again, while many other people just throw them away. And so on.

Now, I’m not really a hoarder, but if you look at my room, aka Messy Mountain Resort, there is just one conclusion to make: there is TOO much stuff. And I think sometimes it makes me restless. If I want to make order I don’t know where to start, I walk around all irritated and going back and forth because I can’t handle it somehow. It always ends up me feeling miserable and shifting stuff. This just HAS to stop. Anyway, while abroad,  I decided that I would do something about this and really look at my stuff and give things away or sell it and if none of both works, just throw it away (there seem to be things that even second hand shops or things like that don’t want to take, even if it’s free). So yeah. Since I don’t have so much to do, and need to rearrange my life anyway, I decided to start with it today.
I need to reduce my stuff.

Why do I have a (plastic, facepalm!) boomerang? I don’t need it to throw birds out of the sky to eat, right? And it’s ugly and it just sits there so why bother having it? I have too much clothes, too much that I never wear. too much that are very old and have holes and that I only wear when i’m at home sometimes, but I can reduce them easily with at least 50 %.

I have lots of other weird stuff. I have at least four pairs of bicycle lights, five 3Dglasses for the cinema (I never go there anymore and will probably not go either, but if I go I should just take one instead of buying a new one, like what happened in the past and why I ended up with five of them…). Christmaslights, while I never celebrate christmas, a guitar but I can’t play and always fight with the thing and it’s standing in my room for years now while not seriously using it……..Why do I keep those things? Old mobile phones and they don;t work anymore, old cartridges from the printer, why do I keep those things? Because I don’t want to throw them in the regular trash but there’s no nearby place where you can get rid of them easily? Is that really a reason? And there is so much more.

No, I have to do something about this. it annoys me. My head goes on ‘overflow’ or ‘error’ because of this sometimes. And honestly…… stuff and things are not soo important for me. Of course, there are a few things that are, I can not say that I don’t care at all about things or stuff, but there is really no need to have so much. So, I’m sorting things out. I want to reduce everything as much as possible. It’s a proces that goes very slow, but I guess it counts that I’ve started the process. Right?