Silent noise


Probably, I look like a ‘normal person’. Probably, there’s nothing to see.

But inside my head, things are exploding: too much stress, too much going on, and I can’t handle it.

It feels like I have no support at all, and I’m on my own.

I can’t fall back on anyone. I have to deal with it myself, whatever it is.

I want that everything leaves me alone. There is too much to deal with.

Too much.

Everything feels like fighting a new war. And one war hasn’t ended, and there’s the next one.

I am tired. I don’t feel good. I don’t know what to do, or where to rest.

I can not get rest. I can not find it.

I guess things are shitty anyway, and there is always a temporary relief.

But it comes back, sooner or later. And there I go again.

Into the depths and traps of the low world, of the dark, painfull world that no one can see.

That no one can see, except me.


One thought on “Silent noise

  1. I’m going through the same for nearly a year now. Issues seem to pop out by the dozens and there’s just a noisy buzz in my head dealing with all of it. Really need a good, long break.

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