Work, no work, hiring, firing….what?

Work has been chaotic the last few weeks. I don’t know what to think about it.

A few people left and a few leave soon, because their contracts end it’s time for them now to get a steady contract, thanks to the awesome government and laws, but of course that is not going to happen, so they have to leave). Bye experience. Bye knowledge. (It’s not only sad for them; me and my colleagues have no one to ask things if we don’t know).This is also not good for our clients. But yeah, who seems to care ?

I learned that they just hired 15 people for the next 2 or 3 months. There was also an e-mail last week, saying that there was less money and they will have to fire people because of they have to work more efficient and there is less money.

Sorry, what? What the heck is this, they just hire people , there are people leaving and they are talking about firing people? Why do they hire people then? What do I have to think about this? What do they expect from me? What do they want from me?

Working less than fulltime was almost impossible, OR you had to had a very good reason (like having a child or something – which I don’t have). But what’s the point about working fulltime or only wanting people to come fulltime if the budget is cut and things have to become more efficient and firing people? Is it so difficult to give people less hours? Would that not be better and taking care a bit of the budget? I wouldn’t mind working 4 days a week………I wouldn’t even mind to have an unpaid leave for 2 months, to go traveling. If I know I can continue with the job after, I really would cooperate. But why aren’t they looking at things like that? Why do things always have to be so rigorous?

More and more things are to be measured in time, efficiency, more and more rules which make doing your work more difficult.

It’s annoying me a lot, it really frustrates me, I feel like I can’t do my job well, I feel incompetent. I feel pressure, and I don’t know what they want from me.

Maybe it’s time to search for another job (which won’t be easy, and probably not much better circumstances neither). That makes me a bit sad; I like(d?) my job, I like my colleagues, I like(d) the subjects, the atmosphere.


But maybe I just liked it, and I don’t like my “new” kind of job…



2 thoughts on “Work, no work, hiring, firing….what?

  1. My previous company was the same. Hired people and then fired saying there’s no financial support. Why hire then? I have heard several increasing instances of such happenings in recent months. It takes quite a toll on your mind. I am now working at a good place. I pray the same happens with you – hope you get a better and stable job!

    • Thank you. I’m happy to read you found and work at a good place now 🙂

      I try not to let it get hold of me, but somehow it is hard to ignore. I knew my job would be temporary before I was hired; I didn’t have anything else so I took it. So I don’t know why its so frustrating to me. Maybe it’s the fact what I see is making me mad: it’s not because there is no work; they just don’t want to give long term contracts. They constantly hire new people saying its not structural work, but that’s not true. They hire people for the same work over and over again. It doesn’t seem fair to me.

      As well that it is hard to find a job, and when you don’t have a job, you can’t rely on help that you will be able to pay everything or live a decent life. No, everything will be so hard as possible and you have to justify why you’re not working all the time – it’s like it is all your fault. That is what really pissing me off. Everyone should have a decent life. A bit of work, a bit of money , a bit of freedom. Not all or nothing like it is now.

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