The last weekend of four wisdom teeth.

It was the last weekend I had four wisdom teeth. After this weekend, everything would change: I would have 3 wisdom teeth left. I didn’t really want to say goodbye to the unfortunate wisdom tooth; but according to different dentists, who had been mentioning it fa few times, it had to get out. To avoid futher trouble.

3 years ago the first one mentioned it. I didn’t do it. It’s my tooth, it belongs to me, and it doesn’t cause trouble. 2 years ago another one mentioned it. It was not the right time, since I would be leaving soon abroad, and it was not in a hurry, the dentist said. And then, the year later, the dentist mentioned it again and gave me a referral to the dental surgeon in the hospital. The letter was on my desk for months. The year coming to and end, health insurance will change again, probably not in a good way, so: it had to be done now.

I called the hospital, and I expected long waiting lists. But I was wrong, within two weeks it was my turn.In the morning I went to work; it would be better for distraction. I was not particularly worried though – I didn’t like it, but I knew it had to be done. I went to the hospital. I was a bit nervous. First they made X-rays, then I got anesthesia. Then it happened.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough anesthesia, so I got another injection during the treatment. It didn;t go easy – the tooth didn’t want to go out. My mouth is not to wide neither, so it was a bit hard to reach. That the tooth was turned a bit and stuck behind another tooth wasn’t helpful too. The surgeon tore and tore at my jaw and drilled and drilled.

Pieces of the tooth broke. He tore and tore and drilled again. Finally, after a lot of pushing, tearing and drilling, the tooth said bye.

I asked if I could keep my tooth – it’s still a part of me after all, even if it’s out.

Tooth & I went home, after picking up painkillers. For two days I could barely open my mouth. Eating and talking were difficult. I wasn’t particularly in pain, just opening my mouth was difficult. The only thing that hurts and is very annoying, is my jaw. It’s a miracle my jaw didn’t break. But all that tearing didn’t do any good. Half of my head hurts and doesn’t feel so nice. My whole left jaw is irritating. I also feel very tired – I don’t know why, but I want to sleep all day and night.

The tooth? Is lying next to me on my desk. It stares at me. I stare at the tooth.

We both have questions, but no answers.


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