Looking forward

Next to the dull, nothing saying life that I lead at the moment there is a small twinkle in my heart.

Last week I got some holiday time approved at work. Yesterday I booked a flight to France. I have two weeks off, and I leave the day after work ends and I return the day before work starts again. I want to have the maximum time abroad. I really look forward to see my love again and to go abroad and be in the mountains and discover new places. Being on the road.

We will go together, she will have her new place to live, I will see a new city, a place she loves to be. It’s close to mountains too, which is perfect. We will go on a roadtrip together, which I’m really looking forward too. We plan to go to Andorra, and maybe Spain too. I always have wanted to go to Andorra, but somehow it never came that far. This year it seems to be close; though I haven’t really planned this – I planned a lot of other things I wanted to see, but this was not even in the top five I guess. I don’t mind. It’s perfect. I’ll be with my love, we will see great places, new places, I’ll see her city, and we’ll have a roadtrip together. It can’t be better than that. I am happy with this knowlegde that this will happen in less than a month.

For one of the very less times i can really say that:



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