She’s gone for good.

Another life that doesn’t exist anymore.

My grandma passed away today.

This virus that she got in the hospital, ruïned her body. It was fatal.

Now she’s gone.


How weird is it, that someone is gone. How weird of all the things to think –

to realize what is your last breath

to realize who is the last person you see

to realize your last seconds alive


how weird it is to

see someone for the last time and knowing it is

to follow the road to death

to get the news

and realize

that another life is over.





7 thoughts on “She’s gone for good.

      • Thank you for asking. it’s going I think, I went to work today. (it was my first real day out of the training actually). It was distracting and busy. I think I’m glad I went – my colleagues are nice and it made my head stop thinking. But as soon as I’m alone all thoughts and sadness take over again, and then it’s difficult.

        How are you doing? I’m sorry I didn’t follow or read your blog lately – I just got caught up in all of this and it just took so much energy and time.

      • It sounds like work has come at a good time then, I’m glad you have this.

        As for me, to be honest I haven’t posted much recently. I’m alright, just burying myself in work for the distraction..;)

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