Catching flows


Once, I was a ferry,

covered in fresh paint and oiled mechanisms

and I was not this sinking ship,

Thrown back by my passengers and owners,

who I used to move forward on their daily trips


Once, I carried, and  sailed over the river,

wasn’t stuck like this on the shore

And now I’m rotting away and

I don’t know where I belong or what to do anymore.


3 thoughts on “Catching flows

  1. A sinking ship can still be repaired. I know the feeling though. Everything seems simply hopeless. But, it’s life, and in time life moves on and so do we. Hope you plug that hole in your ship and sail toward a great horizon!

    • Thanks :). You’re right, it’s part of life. Luckily my ship is moving a bit now, but the one on the picture is still out of use (unfortunately). It has been replaced by a new built bridge and road. Maybe weird, but these abandoned things sometimes get me, and I can link them to my own life in one way or another. Though even they are in a hopeless state, I still think they are beautiful.

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