An exhausting day

Today, I woke up quite early, because I planned to go to the emigration expo. The day started with black ice, I pushed the breaks of the car and nothing happened. Luckily, I drove slow because I knew it was a bit slippery, but it was worse than I expected. And luckily, there was no other traffic and it was off the main roads, but it was a bit scary. I almost made a 180 degrees spin while turning. I stood there for a minute doubting to turn back and not go, but the mainroads where free and I think my parents want me to be away sometimes, so I went. The trains were crowded (not nice) and very dirty. I can’t believe a good WIFI connection in the train is much more important nowadays then a clean train where you dont have to sit on chairs with beer or whatever kind of substance. I really don’t like  ‘this’ – but hey, that’s the normal standard for now right? As long as there’s WIFI, 90% of the people doesn’t care about the rest and seem happy.

The travel was long, and cold. I finally got there, and it was supercrowded. Overwhelming, those things are very tiring for me. I walked a few rounds, concluding that this was useless for me. I took some leaflets and brochures, got a free pen and free sunglasses, and managed to talk shortly to someone of a Bulgarian company and someoone of a French job agency (note: these were the most unpopular stands- thats why I was able to speak to them i guess – it was so busy if you wanted to talk to someone, you would have probably had to wait for a long, long time). Not good for information. Using a searching machine on the web is maybe even more useful.

After a while, I decided to get out of there. I walked the whole fair – there was nothing left for me to do anymore and these crowds and noises were too tiring for me (heck, I really can’t handle these things, they give me bad headaches and make me so tired! I always think that I’m weak somehow because they really exhaust me, they seem to exhaust me so much more than most people). I was glad I took the train because at least I could close my eyes if I would have a seat of course, sometimes its so crowded you have to stand. Unfortunately it took 30 minutes before a shuttle service came and I could get on the train after the busride. I slept during the rainride – I was glad I didn’t take the car. After a long trip, more than 7 hours travel (way there and back) I got home again.

Conclusion: This was all wasted money. Wasted time. Wasted energy. Never again.

At home, I wanted to go to sleep, but my mon insisted me to eat first. She can be really pushy sometimes – I dont feel like I can do what I think is good for me or what I need and when I need it. She is in no way a bad person, but this pushy side of her I really dislike and it makes me feel bad sometimes.

Now, I will go to bed. Its not even 8 pm, but I’m exhausted.
I just need to get rid of this massive headache.

Good night. I hope tomorrow is better.


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