Sorry smartphone -but it seems like a no go.

People who’ve been following my blog for a longer time, probably know that phones and me are not always getting along together. (

eye phone

Recently, one of my relatives gave (yes… gave) me an iPhone aka a smartphone.

Now I’m not too fond of Apple in the first place. Yeah (but I’m actually not) sorry Apple, but you really let me down when I wanted to fix an Imac – you didn’t want to help me because it was ‘too old’. The computer was still fine, just a problem with the screen (happened with this model). But it was simply “No, we don’t make spareparts for this computer anymore and we are not going to help you, just buy a new one). Somehow Apple products seem to be for fancy people with a lot of money who don’t mind their product seems to be ‘banned’ after 2 years – in these ways I think Apple really sucks. Sorry, but their products are not so cheap and with a bad service like this, at least I think it’s not service at all, I’m not the person for your products. I must admit the operating system seems pretty decent, but my experiences with Apple didn’t make me a big fan of them, as well as I just read the ‘conditions of use’ and such for ‘using this iPhone’. Sorry, but this is crap to me. It’s a) way too long, b) way too vague and c) it seems like they can do what they want. Another reason I will not be your biggest fan.

But, I do give second chances, as well to myself sometimes, so I thought I should maybe see if I get this smartphone in use. I went to the store and got this thing to be able to use it (small and bigsize SIMcards -yeah…not) and tried to set this phone up. The more I explore it (and after reading the terms of use) I am sitting here with a nasty feeling.

Sorry, I can’t do this. Dear relative, I am really grateful you gave this phone to me and you wanted me to have a decent phone, but this is not me. I’m not an Apple type, I’m not an iPhone type. I’m not so fancy. I’m not a person who is connected to the world wide web and this ‘cool (fake) onlineworld where rationalizing comes in the last place and impulsive reactions and such seem to have taken over. This world is frightening to me. As well the terms of use make my head spin.

Do I really want to accept this?
Do I really want to be a part of this?


I can’t. I can’t do this.

And so, I will give this phone back to my relative I think.

A lot of people will probably look weird at me, for doing this.
My friend will probably think I’m crazy – she’s been talking to me like yeah and just buy and get this app, and just get internet on your phone and blablabla.
But luckily, my love does understand me.


3 thoughts on “Sorry smartphone -but it seems like a no go.

  1. There is nothing wrong with admitting when something doesn’t work for you. I don’t have a smartphone myself, though I do carry own the iPhone model without the phone and a candybar cellphone. Mostly it’s because I don’t like charging things and I don’t want to run my phone battery down just in case I need it.

    That, and there’s always a payphone closeby. I have change. Does anyone still carry change?!

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