Eh…I guess I have a kind of…interview?

Yesterday, I came across a job that kind of suits to my field of study. Not really, but it’s a bit linked somehow and I seem to fit the requirements again for a change (second time this seem to happen – rare!). So I applied for it, after feeling anxious and all these feelings and thoughts that make me feel very insecure , and I still feel anxious. I can’t really explain why; it’s not the end of the world, it’s just an application. The worst thing that can happen is that you get rejected right?

So today, my phone rang. (Yikes – I still hate phonecalls, but I force myself to pick up now, because if I want a job, I will have to talk to people). First I thought it was because of my application yesterday. But it was a different organisation. One that found my resume online. I never heard of this name before, and the person said they had some functions because their organisation is growing. It seems to be some kind of sales and marketing organisation, and they seem to be searching for commercial assistants, people who lead teams of the sales stuff, and who accompany and guide things in the organisaiton or something. I said that I am not really a manager type especially not for sales, but they said they have different positions and asked if I want to come for an interview, to ‘get to know each other’. If I could come tomorrow. Eh……tomorrow already? I don’t know anything about this. But I said yes. Without knowing anything of the company. Now, I read about the company, I’m not sure if this will be a place where I could work or where I would suit.

I just googled some things I could find about this company. Yikes. They all look like business and sales people. I AM NOT LIKE THAT.

What the hell do I wear tomorrow? I DONT HAVE CLOTHES LIKE THEM

Will I be strong and confident enough? Can I find the place where it is?

What if what if what if.




5 thoughts on “Eh…I guess I have a kind of…interview?

    • thanks. That’s true. After some research and a talk with a friend, I decided to call first tomorrow again to clear some things up, because it seems to be a direct sales thing with no steady salary, but only when you sell something. I want to have this cleared up before I go, because if this is true I will not spend money on the train to go there and I will not take the job. It was good to have spoken about it with my friend for sure. Someday I will learn what I want and what not.

  1. Well isn’t this exciting news?!! I’m so glad you agreed to the interview. Please please please hold onto the fact that you are in a strong position here; THEY approached YOU. That would definitely reassure me if I were in your shoes (speaking of which, I’d recommend wearing whatever makes you feel most confident).

    If this works out, you could end up with a job without so much of the hassle of finding it. You might find you have it in you to be a great manager, or whatever role they offer you, and has been said above if you don’t like it at least you’ve learnt something about what you want in future (and hopefully you’ll have earned a bit of money). If tomorrow doesn’t go well…you wouldn’t have lost anything, because you didn’t initiate this in the first place.

    I wish you the very best of luck x

    • Thanks. Though I really feel bad about it now somehow. I just decided I will call them back tomorrow morning before I go – i found out some things that don’t look good, and I just called my friend to speak about this and ask for her opinion. It seems to be a direct sales thing with aggressive approach, and from what I’ve read about experiences of others, it’s not a job with contract, but pay only when you sell things. I want to have this cleared up before I go, because if this is true I will not spend money on the train to go there.

      And this whole clothes thing; I am not a person that wears suits or however you call these things, and it seems like this is asked here. It’s not that I don’t want to compromise anything, but I don’t even have something like that and no way I can buy it before the interview tomorrow – I don’t have time. The best I have is a jeans and a blouse.

      I feel a bit dissapointed now I didn’t ask about these things before, but yeah its too late for that now. I will just call tomorrow (arg, I am not good in that either) and I will just have to present myself strong somehow, to clear this up.

  2. Times like this make you realize how unprepared you can be. I would invest in some clothes so whenever the time comes you are ready to go. Good luck in whatever you decide too about the interview. Just remember it isn’t your last chance.

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