Drops of tequila


Although the papers and the typewriter on the table seem to want to show to the outside world that this place lives – they actually express the emptiness and melancholic atmosphere. Next to this small round table, there’s just an old wooden chair, that could use some repair. An old coffee machine (that supposed to be in the kitchen), an emtpy package of marble cake and an old lamp are standing on the floor. The wooden floor is covered with some crumbs of the cake; and when you look closely to the corner in the right, next to the curtain, is the place where she used to sit.

Gazing outside the window, which was covered with raindrops, a view on an abandoned street where grass and other undefined plants rule the road. Full of emptiness.

The trees haven’t changed their leaves yet and no one wants to live or be in this place; it’s not a ghost town though – it’s just this road, and this is the only house that is still occupied. The other houses stand lonely in row with their jungle gardens. But for the animals, this must be paradise. When you enter the street when the dusk is settling in, life slowly appears; frogs finding their ways to abandoned gardens and ponds, and mice carefully scanning the places for food. And if you’re lucky, you might see the hedgehogs.


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