The candle


Quite recently, I visited a church. I wasn’t really planning to visit it, and usually, I never go inside religious places, churches or anything of that kind. I did before though, but there is something about it that makes me feel uncomfortable.

That has to do with the following things; Unfortunately, religions seem to ban certain lifestyles and it makes people fight against other religions. That is something I don’t like at all. Wars have been fought because of religions. People hate each other because of religions. (Or; there is something else and they use this as a reason, I don’t know, who shall say) I don’t understand this, I mean, can’t we just respect each others (other) believes and let each other live in peace? Why is it so bad to have a different belief and why do we kill, murder and exclude others, because of this?

After this visit, I’ve been thinking about religions and such. If anyone asks me, if I have a believe, or religion, I honestly don’t know how exactly to answer that question – it’s not like I believe like the main streams of religions I guess, but I can’t say that I’m an atheist either – and somehow, that word has a very negative sound. I respect other people and their religions, even if they are not similar to my ideas and such. But what I can’t understand is why there is so much going on in the world to eliminate each others religion. What is that good for? What exactly makes it so bad that someone beliefs in something else?

Anyway, with the visit in this church, I was kind of impressed by the building and construction works somehow. And the atmosphere in this place was, I don’t know, it was something. It made me wonder how exactly the construction and building of these places are constructed- is there thought between the atmosphere it should give to people, how they feel, how they act? Are there special thoughts with the decoration of things? And so much more. (Actually, these kind of questions always interested me in all kinds of places though ).

I guess for the first time in my life, I’ve lightened a candle because I wanted to. This candle is somewhere on the picture. And I know exactly which one it is. And so,  I’ve stood inside that building for a while, having all kinds of thoughts. (And questions).


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