Tears from happiness


When I look at the pictures, of us, all I can do, is smile. I guess the sun, reached my heart (finally).

Sometimes it is still a bit unreal. I remember a moment, while you were sitting next to me, and it almost seemed unreal to me. But you were there. I touched you. You were there.

And you are here, even if we’re not physically close, you are there. I know.

For a long time, I lived in despair, in numbness, in an abandoned place, in a place where hope was not part of the dictionary. Sometimes it’s still unreal: is it real? Am I not faking myself?

But I have tears. Tears of happiness, because I love you so much, you can’t imagine. Tears because it hurts me that there are such beautiful things out there, in this world, things I haven’t felt or seen for a long time. Things that touched my heart. You, you touched my heart.

I have tears, because I didn’t feel something so beautiful, for a long time. I forgot this. I didn’t see this. I didnt feel this. Maybe it was never there. I don’t know, I can not remember I ever felt these things. And now, it’s just here.

It is just here.

And I can fight the darkness. I can fight my darkness.




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