The judgement

Some time ago, I wrote about something that happened to me while on travel (the thing with the sexual assault). Some time later I went back for the court hearing – it was something that looked hard for me, but it turned out very okay – I kept very calm,was very sharp with my words and what I said was exactly the right thing. I looked the guy straight into his eyes, and told him that he shouldn’t call himself a man if he doesn’t want to face the truth and  deal with the consequenses of his actions.  I said more, but I don’t want to repeat everything here. The translator was okay, the judge seemed okay, just this asshole denying the whole thing and saying he never saw me before. Stupid; he saw me at the police station and the police officers can confirm that, and there was too much proof – too much other people (that I don’t even know) who saw him at places where he denied to have been. If they would have done a DNA test, they would have found his DNA for sure.

The court gave a judgement and pleaded him guilty. He’s going to jail, though I don’t really understand for how long (they translated everything in English but the translations are , well a bit hard to understand here and there). For what I understand from it, he will be at least five months in jail and he has to pay all the costs of the court, translators and at least a part of the costs I made. Again, I don’t understand the whole thing since the translation is weird, but he has a criminal record now for sure.

I don’t really know what to think about it, but I’m glad that they pleaded him guilty- simply because it’s the truth and he doesn’t get away with lying.


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