Temperatures dropped down and there is a snow of leaves;

wind increased with lots of resistance – I’m almost sailing backwards

dark clouds are hanging over – always on stand-by,

But I keep moving, through curtains of flying leaves,

over the empty roads, through the mud I’ll find my way,

my wheels keep rolling….they need to keep rolling.

well, that is what I hoped for – in fact, they did not.

Today, I (finally) went out for a ride on my recently purchased longboard. I really like the board; it’s very stabile, it’s made from bamboo ( I like bamboo a lot somehow) and the wheels seem to be eco-friendly ; they are made with an environmentally friendly sucrose based, bio-urethane formula that reduces the manufacturer’s reliance on harmful synthetic materials. I like it that the company pays attention and thinks about those things too.

The weather was finally okay – no rain, and in the back of my head was this thought I should go out. This week there’s no Jiu Jitsu training due to some holiday, so no ‘forced’ exercise for me this week. Since I got back here, I exercise and move too less. I don’t know, but this place isn’t stimulating for me at all, it drags me down somehow.

Somehow I stood outside with the longboard in my hand before i realized what I was doing. The street seemed empty, so I started rolling down the street. I wanted to go on some lonely bicycle road nearby, but it’s an open field and there was so much wind. And so much mud, because the farmers are busy on their fields. There was so much wind I was pretty quickly tired and no matter how hard I pushed, I didn’t came so far. I looked forward to cruise peacefully for a while and make my head empty. Realitycheck: there is always wind, so don’t expect things to go easy here. For a short while, I kept on rolling. I already felt my legs and these thoughts popped up in my head: you won’t be able to keep up with this for long.

Now there is something else that is odd about everything; I skate goofy (right foot in front), which is not ‘obvious’ because that is my ‘strong leg’. Everywhere I read tips and such about this, is mentioned that your strong leg is supposed to be in the back for kicking off and the other one for the balance. With me, it’s the opposite, because I really can’t ride when I have my right / strong leg in the back. I can’t balance with my left leg, somehow. I tried this out, but it’s not going at all. Now that is not very spectacular, but it’s odd – I knew my body is out of balance, I noticed that with Jiu Jitsu too. So I guess maybe I should ask some pro for advice (but- I don’t have money for this, so I will have to figure it out myself somehow). There is a lot of work to do for my to get my balance and body in order. I knew, and it’s getting clearer with everything ‘new’ I try or do.

Well, anyway, after trying this, I decided to go back. A bit further farmers where busy and there was a lot of mud on the road, and this wind was too strong for me. So I rode back. This way was much better because I had the wind blowing in my back. Everything together, maybe I was away for 15 minutes, which is as good as nothing. But I guess it matters that I got out, even if it wasn’t so great and long, right?

Now I wonder how this will continue. This should make me motivated to work on my balance and body, but honestly? This doesn’t. It makes me want to hide away more from everything.


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