Never growing up


Since today, I (finally) own a longboard. I’ve been thinking about buying a longboard for over a year now. Because of several reasons (they are not soo cheap, and – I know, it’s stupid- what other people think about it , I never dared to, somehow. I know some people think I am childish and this is not something for a grown up woman to do. But the idea of longboarding never really left my mind.

Two days ago, after a conversation with i-love-very-much-far-away-friend, I thought: sheesh, it’s crazy that I am thinking of this so long and never bought it, it’s my life, I should make fun and do what I think is nice, and I always worked hard when I had a job and you know what? F*ck everyone, I am going to buy it. And so I did. Today it came with the mail. Yeah, I spend money, it was a bit uncomfortable but if this brings me a bit of happiness, and it’s good to move sometimes…….and I didn’t make a loan for it and I didn’t steal anything. I bought it with my own money. *Why do I even try to talk it right for myself?*

Right when it came, I unpacked it and took the board outside. Didn’t look if there were any people around (there weren’t really I think) and I rode the street a few times. And really…….I am happy with this board, it’s the perfect board – flexible, comfortable, it just rides lovely.

Oh, and I decided I also will go to see my i-love-very-much-far-away-friend in December. I’m going to buy a plane ticket soon.

F#ck everyone who has a negative opinion about everything. I can have some happiness too from time to time. And if no one wants me as an employee, what do people want from me? That I’m going to stay at home for months again and rot away and be unhappy? I had enough shit in life, so NO. No no no no NO.



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