Drowning of the sun


Under the drowning of the sun

I look at your outline in the shadow

This day comes to and end

and I realize

soon the time will come

that you are away from me – again, and for how long this time?

(or should I say that I go away again from you – since I’m the one who leaves this place..)


Life is a weird thing, and I never got it so far,

but life with you around is different

and makes my soul feel peaceful

and makes me feel different

(Am I in love? I don’t know. I love you, but when are you in love with someone? Argh, why are things sometimes so complicated, and does it really matter I don’t know I guess but I think not and yet they do)


and why are these people

and why are you……..

Why are you,

so far away

from me?


(Why am I so far away from you?)



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