Wonderful, just wonderful.

1 pm. A movie, one of the 3 dvd’s I own, is playing for the 3rd time. It’s not that I like the movie that much, it’s just to pass the time and just to try to distract myself from these awful feelings.

I’m too empty and exhausted to type what is going on. But let’s say I feel awful and ” work” as far as you can speak of work , is absolutely not helping. In fact I’m afraid it influences all of this pretty much or at least makes it stronger. My hope of change, or that I would once just make it, is slipping away.

Hell yeah. I’m 30, and I feel like this is the end of my life.
I have no future. I will not make it. I just can not adapt to the world.

Not in the past, not now, not in the future.

I can not take care of myself financially. I’m stuck and trapped in invisible prisons.I’m doomed to live on the streets when this finishes (maybe that comes sooner than the original planning , but I feel too exhausted to type the story- it doesnt matter anyway). Or I’m doomed to live with my parents forever and feel ashamed of myself, that I can not even take care of myself and I’m too useless for anything. Oh yeah of course there are things I can do, but my talents are USELESS. USELESS. There is no room or space for them and nobody is waiting for it.

I’ve never been in such a fucked up position. When I was in university, things where a lot better. But hey,  I am the one to blame right, according to a lot of people – to public opinions, or at least what many think or say….. Since I should just get a job, and if I don’t get a normal paid job that is my fault, because 1-I dont try hard enough 2- Im not good enough 3- whatever, it was just in my head and now I forgot it because probably I’m the insane one right?

I guess I should quit this all and let myself admit to a mental hospital and hope they will drug me so badly for the rest of my life I will be numb forever and just wait untill I can die.

Yeeha. And fuck you world, fuck you.


4 thoughts on “Wonderful, just wonderful.

  1. I wanted to start my answer with a joke, as “okaaay today your mood is really good” but then I’ve thought you could come here and kill me.
    The only useless thing is my words. Because one more time I should say you I understand you and I know as you feel. But in my words there isn’t any solutions. Also because, as already said more and more times, if I had a solution for you then I would have it for me too. And I’m always waiting for a solution about my problems by you 🙂
    But I implore you, don’t consider yourself useless “just” because this fucking world or some assholes spit in your face. And it doesn’t matter if it sounds hypocrite said by me. I’ve the arrogance to think that I am hopeless (indifferently about job, money, family, etc) but not you. You need to recover a little of confidence. Maybe for your excessive sensitivity you will never be the happiest person of the world, but you can have A LIFE. I am not saying that it depends on you, maybe it needs an input, a lucky event, a fortuity, a something that can give you faith or anyway put you in a street to follow. But if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t mean that you’ve failed or that you are useless. It just means that this world is a shit bigger that what we thought.
    The same world that you look out the window
    The same world created by public opinions.

    • Thanks. Maybe I’m arrogant too in some ways, since I can think as well that I am the hopeless one and there is possibility for you and you can have a life. But anyway it’s not about who’s the worst or whatever. Fact is, we’re both having difficulties in similar ways to adapt to the world or have something like a life. It’s just sad that that exists somewhere, though I’m not sure how much I still care about that for myself anymore. And anyway, I seem to be part of this world as well, so I’m guilty too that it’s messed up. It’s just endless.

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