The tortoise


Today I went out for a bike trip. While I was going full speed downhill, I saw something flashing by in the corners of my eye on the middle of the road of which I first thought was a biiiig super snake where maybe a car had run over. (I didn’t see it too well since I was going quite fast).  But I thought it was too high for a snake and the pattern looked weird, and so I turned around and found this tortoise. On the middle of a road where not a lot of traffic goes by, but the traffic that goes by goes fast. It seemed very afraid so I thought I should help it cross the road. I put away my bike, and walked slowly towards the tortoise. It stick out its head a bit, little eyes looking at me, and it hid again. Careful I picked it up with two hands and put it on the side of the road and waited.


Tortoise slowly sticked out its head, looked at me for a couple of seconds and started walking. In to the bushes where it is way more safe. And for a couple of minutes I stood there just watching the tortoise, and smiled.




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