If I only knew……


who that is.


7 thoughts on “If I only knew……

      • That’s certainly nothing to apologize for. Everyone has a bad time at some time, and some of us more than others. Or maybe some of us handle it differently. I think hugs are encouraging. If I could, I would give you a hug of the non-creepy kind.

      • Guess you’re right- for others I would make not a problem for it, yet for myself I do. Honestly, I am not too comfortable with hugs. They give me some kind of uncomfortable feeling, which I maybe wish they wouldn’t. (Not that it happens often, since I rarely get hugs but yeah). Is that weird, btw? Sometimes you wish so badly or seem to need so badly a hug but at the same time it is too difficult or uncomfortable it seems.

      • I can see where hugs could be intimidating. They could be seen as a degree of intimacy. To hug someone is to let them close, even if only for a moment. I don’t think its strange to be uncomfortable with hugs. Everyone is different. Basically I was trying to say that I wish to send comfort your way. Hope things get better for you. 🙂

      • Hm yeah I got that, I expressed a bit clumsy I guess, when I want to say 1000 things things come out weird. (I just thought about hugs in real life instead of virtual ones, though you write them the same they are two different things to me. But it wasn’t really about that, so my mind was I don’t know where , I guess I was flooded with feelings and thoughts. Thanks

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