The water snake

In the morning sun, I saw it dancing through the water,

holding its head up high: tiny little water snake,

creating small waves in the river – to make the dance complete.


Hello, little water snake,

Where are you going?
Ah, I see.

You are heading for the sun.

So I said goodbye, and walked towards the rain.



4 thoughts on “The water snake

    • Above the sun on the right side, it’s the little curvy thing swimming in the little reflection pieces of the sun. (If you click on the picture and look at the enlarged version you can see it better)

      • Oh wow! I see it now! It’s tiny 🙂 Do they bite? I don’t know anything about them. Don’t bother answering, I’ll google it!

      • It’s not a problem to answer at all, but in this case I can not even answer, because I honestly don’t know. They are ‘ new’ to me since it is the first time I live in an area where they live, so I will have to do some research as well 😉

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