Maybe it doesn’t really matter after all

and left is right and right is left

moving forward is back and 

while moving back can be forward

getting more lost is impossible

so maybe, this is freedom.


5 thoughts on “Freedom?

    • Thanks you thank you, what an honor :). Though honestly I have no idea what that award thing exactly means but I will check it out .Lately it has been hard to keep up in blog-world since I haven’t had much possibility to acces the internet nor did I have a computer and that makes it so much harder, but I will try to read and post again as far as I can! Thanks again 🙂

      • Thanks you, Though I have plenty of time, only no computer or internet, so I am depending on other places to be able to use those, which is a bit sucky, I wish I could post/write more but my time online is limited unfortunately. It’s really hard to stay updated in the online world, and I’m far behind reading and especially in blog world, and I can not read like I used to and wish I could. But yeah, it is what it is, just hope it improves in the future.

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