Going to keep it short. Had a weird week in Sarajevo, where I ended up in a hospital. 

I collapsed , got a cut in my eyebrow and one in my nose, a concussion and if that wasn’t enough, the days later I still didn’t feel well and ended up a few times in hospital again, finally at a cardiologist. Right now I’m taking medication for my heart and bloodpressure. Somehow those two things were extraordinary high, and it’s a mystery to me, because it has never been that way. I have no idea what is going on with me, But it’s a bit scary somehow. Trying to stay calm.

I got back at the more remote place where I live, where I wanted to go to the hospital for a check up but there is just once a week a cardiologist here. And somehow I missed him. Now I’m doubting if I should go back to Sarajevo for the checkup, since the hospital seems more well equipped there , but it’s not so close and it will take me a 4 hours bus ride to get there.

One thing for sure; there is a lot coming towards me, and I will have to find a way to deal with it. 



4 thoughts on “Meh.

  1. If the hospital in Sarajevo seems better, then you should go there.
    But I understand that 4 hours are a lot.
    I hope that all will be ok.

    • Thank you. Yeah, I’m doubting a lot to go there or not. But I will wait for this week here what happens, since I feel a bit better (but not really safe yet). I decided, that when I’m not satisfied with what happens in this hospital, that I don’t get any answers or that I don’t trust it, or if it gets worse suddenly, that I will go back for a couple of days to Sarajevo to get it sorted out. At least I know that the private hospital there seems to work well and less chaotic.

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