The u-turn


Emtpy skies – the force of the wind, blows everything fast forward

Fast forward, faster and faster and faster.

Stronger and stronger.

Even when the sky is black, even when the sky is dark

It doesn’t even matter if the sky is bright, there will stay this question mark

darkness doesn’t wait and darkness doesn’t know on hold

It passes like a hurricane, it hits like a hurricane.

Suddenly a lonely plane turns in sight.

Where are you heading, plane?

Where do you want to go, plane?

What are you doing here, plane?

The plane starts making a u-turn.

And my thoughts go back to my walk yesterday. Where I tried to walk out the anxiety and clear my head. Trying to find solutions. Trying to bring peace in my head.

The emptiness was perfect. The contrasts were perfect. The unusual was perfect. The silence (and same time noise of the wind) were perfect. And entering a dead end road. The u-turn plane.

Standing there, some words came up in my mind –


Sometimes, a road has a dead end. [insert real name], it’s time. Time, to find or create a new one. I’m ready – even if I’m not ready. (And still anxious and depressed).


4 thoughts on “The u-turn

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