Lost with a map in your hands

A world of words

in books, letters, emails, conversations, billboards, newspapers,

well just around everywhere around

A world of interactions

in real life, movies, online, letters, emails, phonecalls, people, non-verbal,

well just about everything around

A world of images

in pictures, in magazines, in photographs, in drawings, in maps.

A real life or an alter ego

The main road or a side one?

None of those things

I can see through anymore

It’s like being lost with a map in your hands

knowing North and South

knowing West and East

But it’s pointless to go into any direction

it is not that there’s nothing to choose – there is

but there is nothing to choose for – it seems

And there seems no way out, because the map has no end

signs pointing all around without any instructions

What to do if the purpose, isn’t known on the map?

The magnetized pointer of my compass

lost its heart.


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