Sunglasses in the dark


10.30 pm. Outside, the dark has settled in for hours now. Lights are switched on. And here I’m sitting with sunglasses on. Probably looking like an alien. The sunglasses seem to be my saviour, together with my eye drops and ointment.

Even though these things do not belong to the basic needs of a human being, they feel like basic needs I definitely need at the moment,  to get through a day a bit nicely. My eye drops and ointment do not seem to help enough and the sunglasses do not take away as much as I would like to, but they seem to make things a bit more comfortable.

My eyes have been irritating pretty badly for a couple of days now. Not the first time that happens, but the eye drops and ointment worked out well enough untill a couple of days ago. Now I must say my eyes are pretty sensitive already, and I have this eye condition (blepharitis) where eyelids inflame and such, what is not too nice either. But now, the eyes started to irritate / get red / dry as well, and that is sooo not a nice combination. (I’ve been to the doc for a check on my eyes, and thats how I got the eye drops and ointment, so I’m not just messing around completely)

Spending much time behind computerscreens and tv’s and such, seems to be a ‘no go’, or something I shouldn’t do too much. But since my life is pretty empty it’s next to going to the gym, my only distraction and hard to avoid.

A day ago, I found some things about ‘computer’ glasses, ‘special-purpose eyeglasses’ meant to optimize your eyesight when you’re looking at digital screens and designed to reduce glare and such what ‘seems’ to help for irritated, red and dry eyes and such. They are not so easy to get where I live, unfortunately only online options, and they are not too cheap, so I am wondering, fellow bloggers (or readers):  does anyone of you have experience with these things (the glasses, or what to do with these kind of eye issues)? If so, I would really appreciate it when you would like to share your experiences .


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