Ready for take off


A picture of last year. Airplane ready for take off.

It recalls good memories, though they are far away. Maybe, it was even a moment in life that I wanted to last forever.

But this happening, was probably a rare occasion: I don’t think I’ll ever have a chance again to be able to be part of a whole flight including the whole take off and landing in a cockpit with the pilots. But I am very grateful that I had  this opportunity, still now. Because I like flying. The world from out of the air is different. I like seeing the world from above, from out of the air. I love being in the air. It’s some freedom, some distance, that makes me feel good, or something.

Just floating all over the world without having to be stuck in some place or situation. You just fly and float away. Moving. A pleasant feeling, somehow.

Though I don’t fly too often, it won’t take too long before I will board an airplane again. And this time ‘take off’ will going to have more meaning than it ever had before. I can not really say I’m ready for this take off. And I will definitely go with a lot of mixed feelings this time. A lot of mixed feelings. I haven’t wrote anything about this yet, but probably soon I will share a bit more about what is going to happen. (At least, what SHOULD happen in a while, since apathy and depression aren’t the nicest companions for certain things).

So I guess this will be continued….


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