Facing truth.

Sometimes, you avoid to see the truth of things. Because they hurt and you wish them so badly to be different. Somewhere deep down inside of you there is hope. You don’t want to give up on that hope.

But truth is: sometimes, things are over. Maybe sometimes things weren’t even there at all. Maybe they didn’t even exist. Maybe you were just used. Maybe you just were a distraction. But, hurt is or was already there, and that won’t change. Even if you avoid to see it, deep in your heart you know/knew.

Sometimes, you try to give things a chance, and a chance, and another chance, and deeply hope they will change. And keep hope. Because you don’t want to give up on hope.

But truth is: sometimes things don’t get better. Hope can be false hope, and hope is good and bad. And sometimes you’ll end up hurt anyway. And deep in your heart, you knew that, and you know that.

Sometimes, things are getting clear and you can not avoid them anymore. You can see them in a perspective, maybe there is more prove, and everything you felt before – what caused contradictories- became validated. And everything you knew deep inside your heart, or felt, even if you didn’t want to see those things, or know them, became/become reality.

Sometimes things get clear. You were nothing more, than a temporary thing to ease or replace some other pain. You were nothing more, than a temporary solution to be thrown away some time later. Those things are hard to face. Facing truth isn’t always too nice, unfortunately. I used to say / think that truth was very important in my life and I could (or thought I could) relate to a quote from Walden,life in the woods, one of the works of Henry David Thoreau:

“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.”

But sometimes, I wish there was no truth. Truth can hurt very badly. Very very badly.



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