Figments of imagination


Just woke up,  some time too late – Where breakfast calls but can’t be ate

because time is too close to time of lunch- oh well, let’s have it both and make it brunch.

Two hours. Only two hours between breakfast and lunch. Two continents. Two cultures. A random conversation about sleeping, waking up and breakfast and lunch. Computers exchanging data. Exchanging morse code, into words. Time is ticking. Two hours. Tick Tick Tick. Sometimes random things create their own lives and weird figments of imagination wake up out of the depths of the brain.

Probably it makes no sense at all, but it’s what happens to my brain sometimes and my imagination creates the weirdest things. A simple conversation, an object, reading about something, very random things can cause those figments. Normally I don’t share much of it. It’s something that can make me feel half ashamed and crazy in some ways. Well anyway, this is a figment of today; The land where breakfast and lunch are two hours apart.


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