Hidden stories of space


There they are. A lonely star in the sky next to the moon, covered in some blurry clouds. It’s a bit too cloudy to see a lot of stars, but the most bright ones reach my view. I know there are more out there, even if I can not see them now, in my head I have this clear vision of the nights when the sky is full of stars.  It would be so nice to make a photograph of what my eyes could see, a dark sky full of stars, but, unfortunately, I do not own a camera that is suitable for making pictures like that.

Sometimes outer space intrigues me. Looking at the stars is something that can keep me occupied for hours. My thoughts drift away in inner space while staring at outer space. Sometimes when I see a falling star,  I often question my own observation –was that really a falling star? It happens so quickly, in a flash. Looking at the stars gives me some kind of peace of mind sometimes, my mind wandering off in to a world of thoughts. Like spaceships can float in space, my mind floats in a world of thoughts when staring at the stars. Sometimes the moon looks huge, sometimes its so far away. Sometimes planes flying over. All those lights. Moving. Just standing. The darker the surroundings are, the nicer it is to watch. The more you watch, the more you see.

Once I’ve read about something that intrigued me, but unfortunately I have lost the original piece of text – which was so beautiful, I can recall a part of it but I would have loved to share the original because it was so beautiful – sometimes words can be so perfect in ways and if it’s possible to fall in love with stories, poems or texts well, I would have fallen in love with that one.

It’s about planetary nebula. A planetary nebula forms when a star can no longer support itself by fusion reactions in its center, gravity from the material in the outer part takes its toll on the structure of the star, and forces the inner parts to condense and heat up. The high temperature central regions drive the outer half of the star away in a brisk stellar wind, lasting a few thousand years. When the process is complete, the remaining core remnant is uncovered and heats the now distant gases and causes them to glow. (According to http://www.noao.edu/) for this explanation, a bit hard to bring it into my own words somehow. Also, all of these things are really good for tellings stories in metaphors as well. When you are not too good in explaining feelings, sometimes metaphors seem to help. A hidden story. Sometimes you can not see, but it is there. Sometimes it is too big, sometimes it is too far.

Anyway, there is one thing I can remember, and that is how it ended:

it’s so huge, that you can not see it, even if you kept staring for the rest of your life.


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