Treasure in the grocery store

Generally, I’m not too fond of running errands. Sometimes it can even make me upset. Not so much the thought or action itself, but something that happens sometimes when I am in the grocery store. Even if I have made a list before I go, sometimes I get so overwhelmed that I can not function normal anymore – suddenly all these possibilities attack me, and I can’t  seem to decide what to buy anymore. It’s hard to say what exactly it is. Sometimes I am already not feeling to well before it starts, or everything I planned to buy wasn’t available or it is so expensive I will not buy it, but sometimes I suddenly get all these doubts out of nothing.


So many types and sorts of milk, bread, tomatoes, rice, spinach, tortillas, whatever. Or like I had in mind to cook spaghetti but suddenly see bulgur or tacos and start doubting and an invisible stream of thoughts and doubts in my mind takes over and disturbs me pretty badly. Mostly I end up buying the weirdest combinations and feeling very uncomfortable and a bit dissapointed in myself I didn’t stick to my original plan and I let those things overwhelm me so much I started disfunctioning.


But anyway, I like to have some healthy and nice food, so that means: grocery shopping. But somehow around this time of the year, with upcoming holidays there seems to be some kind of invisible message that says:


It does not seem to matter at what time you go, it is always busy, crowded, crazy, unpleasant. All I want is just get my groceries in peace, without crazy unguided missiles around me that scream and yell and fly everywhere around me and bump your shopping cart and block the paths.

So I try to be a zombie walking through the grocery store trying not to let the crazy world around me bother me too much. My mission this time: get some fruits and vegetables in peace. Half sleepy I start to collect some stuff – rice, soymilk, bread, eggs….


But suddenly my brain receives a signal that seems to get me out of my zombie/sleepy state *POING*


What? Did I really see THAT? Is this for real? In the corner of my eye I spot something that is rare to find in grocery stores around here….


So I rub my eye to check if I’m sleeping, seeing a fata morgana or this is the real world. And I look again. But this is reality:


Tadaa – A papaya! Yummmm! PAPAYA!


For a second I feel like I’m standing there for ages drooling. Then my brain gives a signal again: Hello, wake up, GET that papaya now!


Like it was the last papaya on earth, I jumped over some boxes and almost slipped on a slippery floor where some undefined substance was spoilt.


And there I finally stood in front of the papaya:


Looking at it if I had just found the most rare diamond on earth.


With probably a smile on my face (because I was so surprised to find a papaya in the store) I finally touched the treasure I found today. Wow, it was REAL. And so my grocery shopping ended nicely for a change.



3 thoughts on “Treasure in the grocery store

  1. I just sent you a message a few minutes ago, telling you about my grand idea about you making a book out of some of your posts……..Here I am. I think all of your posts from the “Cartoon version of my life” is spot on for this. I don’t want to be hurtful either or you take this badly so please don’t……For me, I have never much been into poetry, I have tried to make myself read poetry but I just am not that person that truly gets it I guess. I’m not sure if I am making sense here but I can’t really say too much about it, I know very little and since it isn’t something that I gravitate to, I don’t know, I just don’t get that same spark from reading it. The spark I get from you is your post that you do for the “Cartoon version of my life”. Every time I have ever read something with that tag, it speaks to me! I get giddy. I really get a sense that I am not the only crazy, mixed up person out there in this world lol. I hate that you or other’s experience these things, like with your grocery shopping tale from above for example, but it also really is a comfort for me that it isn’t such a odd thing that I do……I probably should watch myself when reading these posts from you, I fear from all my head nodding and shaking while reading that I will give myself whip lash or something. I feel like if you could do a “cartoon version of my life” book that it would be so successful! I really truly mean this! I can’t comment on your other stuff, I do enjoy reading EVERYTHING that you post, but these post like this one are what really gets my attention! I read one post and seriously, I wish for more. I sorta get bummed out when I don’t see you doing these as often, which I think sounds terrible as I look at the sentence but I hope you can understand my sentiment nonetheless. I think all the stuff you write is great but if I had to pick a type of writing post you did, hands down, I would choose your “Cartoon version…” posts. Like I said in my earlier message, I haven’t ever seen anything like yours before. It is really something special. I feel like if there was a way for you to do a book version of these post or something new entirely, I really do believe that it would sale, sale, sale! I know that this might not of been your dream job, but I really do feel like you are amazingly good. I really know that there are millions of people out there that could really identify with your stuff. And honestly, doesn’t everyone need a bit of humor and understanding? That is what you do. I read a post like this one and it’s just so nice for me, it’s as if you wrote it for me. I think a lot of people that are suffering from a chronic illness, whether it is anxiety, depression, etc. would really enjoy your stuff like I do. I really don’t think that I have ever seen a book in a store that has drawings and a narrative like yours. Now, I really don’t know what I am talking about when I say you need to do a book, I have no idea how to get started or how to find the right people to guide you and help, I haven’t the slightest idea how to find a publisher, etc. etc. BUT!!! We do have something to help with that and it is called……Google?…….The internet machine?……..You get what I mean. I would even start researching this for you if you needed me to, that is how strongly I feel about this idea. Have you ever known someone that was incredibly talented at something but that person doesn’t see it or appreciate it? Maybe they have some other idea of what they want to do, sometimes that person really does go after their dream and they find success. Then there are times you see that person go after something that they want to do and they fail. And as you are watching all this all you can think about is, “If only they could see how great they are doing this or that!”. That is sorta how I feel with you maybe?! I don’t know if any of this has crossed your mind or maybe it has, I just know that I feel such a connection to these posts and I really feel like you would be brilliant if you gave it a shot. Okay, enough of my rambling. I really am excited at the idea of you doing something with this but you know best! I just want you to know how grand you really are! You may not feel that way or you may think I have lost my mind, but I really believe in you!!!!! I hope this finds you well and not having too awful a day. Just know that I am cheering you on!

    • THank you again for the compliments you make. And I’m happy (and not happy) that you can identify and these things make you feel less crazy (or lonely crazy or whatever) in some way. I don’t think my work is good enough for a book. Anyway, I am not strong enough to find publishers and create this thing myself, as well I haven’t been able to draw a cartoon version of my life for a long time now. (I’ve been trying to and I guess I could have some stories, but nothing comes out).

      But, I must show you something; there is someone who published a book about her stories, something you could see as a bit similar in some ways, though I don’t want to imply it’s similar, but I think she does really great work.
      (And, has an “adventures in depression story’ – )

      I think she is pretty ‘famous’ now – she published a book and she has lots of fans.As well, I don’t want people to think I wrote my stories like following her. Maybe this doesn’t make sense, but I guess people will see it that way, that I try to do the same she did, and I don’t want to steal anyones idea or whatever, if that makes sense.

      Do check it out, she’s really good :

      • I will check it out soon. But don’t worry, I know your writings come from you and other experience or inspirations. Fear not, you are one of a kind!

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