The Tangerine Birthday

Around a year ago (probably a year and a few days maybe, but for sure it’s a year now) I found out that I forgot about this thing:


Tangerine. Somehow I forgot about it, left it in my backpack and found it a couple of days later in a state I didn’t want to eat it anymore. Do not ask me why, but I decided to keep it and see what happened to the tangerine.


Above all expectations, it didn’t mold, it didn’t smell, it just stayed, shriveled and changed colors. The tangerine is still sitting in front of my window being the awesome indestructable tangerine. Happy birthday, tangarine!


One thought on “The Tangerine Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Tangerine! Thanks for being STS’s distraction/experiment. STS, perhaps, now that the one year birthday has passed, it’s time to give Tangerine a place to rest…u know, a burial?

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